Turkiye-Syria earthquake death toll 24,000


ANKARA – Rescuers in quake hit Turkiye and Syria continue ongoing search and rescue operation for survivors of catastrophic earthquakes, with the death toll crossing 24,000 on Saturday.

Reports in international media suggest that the death toll in the region after one of the worst disasters in recent memory has soared as cold, hunger and misery gripped a large number of people who were left homeless.

Searching teams are now racing against time to find survivors buried under buildings collapsed by massive tremors, with hundreds of families even children rescued from the rubble.

Amid horrific updates, the United Nations has warned that nearly a million people urgently needed food in the two nations after the quake. UN World Food Programme appealed for $77 million to provide food for nearly half a million newly displaced victims.

It was reported that more than 12,000 buildings were either destroyed or seriously damaged in the earthquake and survivors are now battling extreme cold weather.

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