Turkiye earthquake- Woman, her new-born rescued alive after 90 hours


ISTANBUL  – A woman and his new-born baby have been rescued from debris of a collapsed building in Turkiye, around 90 days after a deadly earthquakes struck Turkiye and Syria.

Reports said a rescue team recovered the 10-day-old baby, named Yagiz, from the rubble of a collapsed building in the southern Hatay province during overnight operation.

Videos posted on social media showed the child has been wrapped in a thermal blanket while his mother was taken to the ambulance through stretcher.

Hopes of rescuing many more survivors are fading away, amid cold weather after the disaster that occurred on Monday.

However, local rescues officials along with teams from other countries are conducting the search in the disaster-hit areas.

The death toll from the strong earthquake in Turkiye and Syria continued on the rise, topping 21,000. Experts fear the number will continue to rise sharply.

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