Turkiye- Another Pak plan carrying aid reaches earthquake-hit


ISLAMABAD – Another aircraft carrying tons of relief goods from Pakistan reached Turkish city of Adana for survivors of this week’s devastating earthquake has so far claimed more than 24,000 lives in Turkiye and Syria.

The announcement was made by Pakistani Embassy in Turkiye on Twitter, stating: “In line with the directions of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, 9th aircraft carrying 18 tons of winterized tents arrived #Adana this morning”.

“These tents will contribute immensely toward saving lives in severe cold in affected areas.”

The death toll from the disaster has soared above 20,000 in Turkiye and 3,500 in Syria while rescuers in both countries continue ongoing search and rescue operation for survivors.

It was reported that more than 12,000 buildings were either destroyed or seriously damaged in the earthquake and survivors are now battling extreme cold weather.

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