Paula Trebek, EX CFO Wessex Cancer Trust will pay £1


Former Wessex Cancer Trust financial coordinator Paula Trebek stole £91,344 of vital cash so she could live a lavish lifestyle.

This was as the charity launched a public fundraiser in a pitched fight for survival, Southampton Crown Court has heard.

The trust, which helps people with cancer and their families, faced potential closure and rushed to raise £600,000 to save the organisation.

The 48-year-old’s crime was finally revealed when her colleagues broke into her office and discovered the master keys used to access bank and petty cash accounts in 2019.

The judge has now ordered her to pay one pound within the next seven days.

“Unless you win the lottery, it seems unlikely that you will be able to pay it back,” Judge Christopher Parker told Tribbeck, who appeared via remote link from East Sutton Park prison.Defending him to Southampton Crown Court, Chris Geiger told: “You got nothing. There are no funds available.“It was spent just as quickly as it was on things like holidays.”

Trebek jailed for two years.

At the sentencing hearing, the court was told Trebek joined the charity as a teenager before rising to the position of financial coordinator in 2010, and was responsible for recording all financial transactions.

When the charity received letters demanding payment of overdue bills, they discovered that the accounts that were supposed to be closed were still active.

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