Arrival of ” small guest ” at house of former actress Noor Bukhari


Lahore: Former showbiz actress Noor Bukhari has given birth to a son. The famous actress has shared this good news on her social media account Instagram.

Noor Bukhari’s son has been named Muhammad Ali Raza, actress Noor Bukhari shared a photo of her son’s feet and wrote, “Allah has blessed me with a son, Alhamdulillah”, my son Muhammad Ali Raza in his prayers. put it.

Noor was first married to a businessman named Vikram in 2008 but got divorced after 2 years, later Noor Bukhari married Farooq Mengal in 2010 which lasted less than a year.

Noor married Aoon Chaudhary in 2012 and has a daughter with him, but this marriage also lasted only for a few months. In 2015, the actress got married for the fourth time to singer Wali Hamid, which ended in 2017.

As early as 2020, Noor Bukhari shared pictures of a newborn with her daughter and photos of essential items, making it clear that a new baby has been added to her family.

In 2020, the news of Noor Bukhari’s remarriage with Aoun Chaudhry came out.

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