Shazia Murri Tributes to Bilawal for taking bold stand in India


KARACHI: Federal Minister and Spokesperson of People’s Party Parliamentarians Shazia Marri says that Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto, while representing Pakistan in the SCO meeting, called Kulbhushan a terrorist and condemned Kashmir, which is causing pain to BJP and PTI.

She has said in her released statement that Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has fully represented Pakistan in the SCO meeting, but the press conference of the Indian Foreign Minister after the meeting shows his narrow-mindedness. During the meeting, Bilawal Bhutto clarified that Pakistan India is the biggest victim of terrorism, we have to eliminate terrorism from the region together, only India is suffering on important projects like CPEC.

She said that the Foreign Minister raised his voice against the cruel treatment of Muslims in India, Bilawal Bhutto called Kulbhushan a terrorist and Imran Niazi kept advocating for him.

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