President for 30-35% womens’ active participation in business sector


President Dr. Arif Alvi emphasized the importance of women’s empowerment and called for increasing their participation in business sector by 30-35 percent for economic revival.

He urged the business community to create a conducive and harassment-free environment for women professionals, highlighting the government’s efforts in this area and encouraging both the public and private sectors to collaborate.

During a meeting with the delegation of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) here at Governor House, President Dr. Arif Alvi, along with the First Lady Samina Alvi discussed the need for tangible surveys, seminars, awareness sessions and other initiatives to promote women’s active involvement in various business sectors.

He also encouraged the LCCI delegation to take measures for economic revival and social welfare projects, stressing that business community cooperation could attract foreign investment, particularly in the IT sector.Talking about the issue of education, President Alvi expressed concern about over 25 million Pakistani children still not attending schools despite extraordinary efforts. He suggested the need for thousands of schools and the utilization of Mosques for classes and extra shifts in schools to address this challenge.

Furthermore, President Alvi emphasized the importance of individual efforts in educating domestic workers and called on the business community to support people with disabilities, mental illnesses, and breast cancer patients. He commended the Lahore Chamber for achieving its target of providing 25% of jobs to women.The Lahore Chamber President, Kashif Anwar, informed President Alvi about LABARD, an organization under the Lahore Chamber’s management, which has provided artificial organs to one lakh people for rehabilitation.

The delegates praised President Dr. Arif Alvi for his dedication to addressing social and medical issues and acknowledged his contributions in this regard.LCCI Executive Committee members Fareeha Yunas, Shamim Akhtar, Muhammad Waseem, Raja Hassan Akhtar, Shahid Khalil and Director General Trade Organizations Umar Dad Afridi were also present on the occasion.

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