GoP committed to ensure the supply of clean water to every citizen:Aslam


Senior Minister Punjab Mian Aslam Iqbal presided over a meeting in the housing department in which the progress on the project of Marakaz-e-Aab in the province was reviewed.

CEO Aab-e-Pak Authority Syed Zahid Aziz briefed about the progress on the project.

Addressing the meeting, the Senior Minister said the work is going on an emergency basis to complete 1000 water projects in 60 days while 578 water projects have been completed in the province in the last 15 days.

He said more than one point nine million citizens are benefiting from these projects.

He said work is also carried out on emergency basis to supply drinking water to the flooded areas. He said that clean water is being supplied to the flood victims through ultra-filtration hand pumps and water bottles.

He said that Punjab government is committed to ensure the supply of clean water to every citizen. He said Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority has been directed to continue work on this project of public interest on emergency basis.

CEO Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority Syed Zahid Aziz said that ultra-filtration hand pumps have been introduced to make flood and rainwater usable in the areas of southern Punjab. He informed that water is being supplied as per World Health Organisation guidelines through ultra-filtration hand pumps.

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