First lunar eclipse of the year will visible in Pakistan tomorrow


Islamabad: The first lunar eclipse of this year will be tomorrow, it can also be seen in Pakistan. Javed Iqbal, director of the Institute of Space Science, said that during the eclipse, the moon is 10% less bright than usual.

During a partial lunar eclipse, the outer part of the Earth’s central shadow will fall on the Moon, dimming the Moon, with the Earth’s shadow covering only 58 percent of the Moon.

The lunar eclipse will begin at 8:14 PM PST and peak at 10:22 PM PST.

The eclipse will end at 12:31 PM, with a total eclipse duration of 4 hours and 17 minutes.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in many Asian countries including Pakistan as well as Europe, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Russia and China.

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