State action in Manipur, Churches and Houses set on fire


Mumbai: Another incident like Gujarat took place in India under the patronage of Modi government.

According to media reports, a dirty game has been played under the guise of crackdown against farmers in Manipur, where the worst state action has been taken against the poor people under the auspices of the Modi government.

Several churches and houses were set on fire in Manipur’s Imphal area, as a result of which many people were reported to have been burnt.

According to the report, there is fear and chaos in the area due to the use of various weapons in Imphal, the situation has gone out of control due to Jalau Ghirao, on which the local police has imposed a curfew in Chorachandpur, while the Modi government has suspended the internet service in the state due to the fear of tension.

Due to the brutality of the security forces, the entire state was engulfed in flames, while the Indian media has become a silent spectator this time. Manipur’s separatist political leaders have announced unilateral independence from India and the establishment of a government-in-exile in Britain.

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