After Norway, Germany, China & Thailand expressed interest in LWMC Waste to Energy Project


Several international companies are interested in the waste-to-energy project of the Lahore Waste Management Company. There has been further significant progress in the waste-to-energy project. After Norway, Germany, and China, Thailand has also expressed interest in the waste-to-energy project.

A delegation of Prime West Energy Company held an important meeting with CEO LWMC Ali Anan Qamar.

CEO LWMC Ali Annan Qamar says that the delegation of Prime West Energy Company of Thailand had a detailed discussion on important points, after which a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Thai company and Lahore Waste Management Company.Prime Waste Energy Company is successfully operating waste-to-energy projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Japan. Prime West Energy is seeking a direct investment of $225 million.

The Thai company has initially expressed interest in setting up a 50 MW plant.

According to LWMC spokesperson Bilal Bashir and CEO LWMC Ali Anan Qamar, they signed the memorandum of understanding on behalf of Prime West Energy. LWMC will provide 2500 tons of waste per day for the 50 MW plant.CEO LWMC Ali Annan Qamar further said that Thailand’s interest in the waste-to-energy project is welcome. The Waste to Energy project will create many new jobs for local people. We will provide all possible support for setting up the waste-to-energy project. After receiving the proposal, the matter will be taken to the Chief Minister’s office. The waste-to-energy project will be helpful in controlling environmental pollution.

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