A. Aleem Khan’s denial re political party


Abdul Aleem Khan has denied the news in a section of the media about the formation of a new political party or joining any other party. In his statement, Abdul Aleem Khan has clarified that he has no political affiliation presently and neither he intends to join the formation of any new political party. Abdul Aleem Khan said that he has a long-standing relationship with Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar and Jahangir Khan Tareen but he does not participate in politics with anyone during present circumstances. He said that now a days all his attention is focused on charitable works and he is keeping himself away from political matters. Abdul Aleem Khan further said that along with his business engagements, he is patronizing his AAK Foundation for the service of the humanity and people without any discrimination meant for welfare works. Abdul Aleem Khan clarified that the news attributed to him regarding the formation of a new political party in recent days is not true and contrary to the facts.

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