New World Disorder? Navigating a Polycrisis – Ipsos Global Trends 2023 Launch in Pakistan


KARACHI : squarely on the shoulders of governments and systems, others — particularly younger people around the world — expect brands and governments to step up and solve systemic issues first.

Yet we are more hopeful about ourselves and our personal lives, even amidst this backdrop of disorder. But the polycrisis impacts our overall confidence. Only 31% are optimistic for the world in 2023. Closer in, most (58%) say they’re happy overall, and 59% are optimistic about the future for themselves and their family.

People do have common values, interests and goals. In fact, 80% of the world’s citizens think brands can make money and support good causes. Almost two thirds say they will pay more for brands that act responsibly (64%). Climate concern remains one of the strongest global values with 80% agreeing that we’re heading for environmental disaster unless we change our habits quickly.

How can business and governments both navigate these waters and help their customers and citizens thrive in them? There is an opportunity to rethink the structure and purpose of businesses and systems to create a positive impact on society. Global brands are in a unique position of power — they can bridge the gap between global and local by offering the best of both worlds. Through their actions, brands can make an incalculable impact on the world through the trust they’ve already earned with their.

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