Canadian diplomat expelled from India for expulsion of Indian diplomat


Ottawa, New Delhi, London, Washington: Canada has expelled a senior Indian diplomat, Pawan Kumarku, the head of the intelligence agency “RAW”, while investigating allegations of alleged involvement of the Indian government in the killing of a Sikh separatist leader. On the other hand, India has rejected these accusations of Canada as based on ulterior motives and absurd and said that the Indian government is involved in the killing of a Canadian Sikh leader. On the other hand, the Sikh leaders have announced the partition of India.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement that similar allegations were leveled against our Prime Minister by the Canadian Prime Minister and were completely rejected. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while addressing Parliament. He said that the Canadian intelligence is examining the allegations. After the evidence of India’s involvement in the killing of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada, the tension between the two countries reached a peak.

The Canadian government ordered the senior Indian diplomat to leave the country. There was intense pressure on the Canadian government to immediately investigate the murder of Hardeep Singh Najar and determine the culprits, but after the investigation, India was involved in the murder. The evidence has come out, after the evidence came out, the tension between Canada and India increased.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly has ordered the senior Indian diplomat and the local head of the Indian intelligence agency RAW to leave the country immediately, saying that if the charge of murder is proved, it will be a violation of our sovereignty.

Earlier, while speaking in the Canadian Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that the Indian government may be involved in the killing of a Sikh leader in Canada. The leader of Sikhs for Justice, Graptunat Singh Pannu, said that in the killing of Hardeep Singh. Our claim of India’s involvement has been proven true, the conspiracy of Indian intelligence to be involved in the murder has been exposed worldwide, the Indian High Commissioner in Canada, Sanjay Verma, has also been arrested for India’s involvement in the serious incident of Hardeep’s murder. He should be deported immediately. He said in one of his statements that he will take revenge for the murder of Hardeep Singh, he will tear India into pieces, India is in a state of panic over the success of the referendum, India will break up, Punjab will become independent and become Khalistan. He added that the pen is our weapon but we have less time, we are not terrorists.

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