Are The Kids Of Ghaza Getting Foods?


Report/ Dnews24TV

Imam Ehsaan ullah says : Three weeks ago, I was in Egypt, loading trucks for Gaza. Seeing the first video of food distribution filled me with indescribable joy. The need is vast, but our collective efforts are making a difference.

Heartfelt thanks to Haji Abdul Wahid and brothe Imran wahid from Ilford, Brother Imran from Luton (MI Solicitors), Brother Raheel Qureshi, Brother Wajid (Alpha Production House), Brother Amir Qureshi, Brother Solat Chaudhry from Nelson, Sister Catherine from Scotland (a non-Muslim businesswoman), Maulana Jameel from Bradford, and my family for their unwavering support. Every child in Gaza who benefits from this aid will surely bless them. Please keep our ground team in your prayers. For more information, visit

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