Martial artist Rashid Naseem will attempt to create a world record.


KARACHI: The serial record-breaker Pakistani Martial Artist Rashid Naseem received an invitation from an Italian TV Show named Lo Show Dei Record to set four different world records.

According to details, Rashid Naseem will travel to Italy on February 4. In his stint at the Italian TV Show, the martial artist will attempt all four records.

Talking to media, he said “I got an invitation from them. It’s an honor for me to represent Pakistan once again on international stage.”

Recently, it may be recalled, Rashid, who has so far registered 82 individual world records for Pakistan, recently got his ‘most playing cards removed between two balanced bottles with a nunchaku in one minute’ record among the best of 2022. 

Rashid will attempt to break most clay targets in a minute using nunchaku and in another record, he will try to remove the most number of playing cards, placed between two bottles.

The serial record-breaker will also participate in a challenge to smash the most number of soda cans by his head and in the fourth challenge he will try to remove the most number of bottle caps, using his head.

To participate in the show, Rashid will travel to Italy alongside his student Asmar Javed who has already received a visa from the Italian Consulate.

Rashid was also invited to the Italian Consulate and met the Consul Journal, who assured him of his cooperation in the future.

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