Happy Birth Day : Henry Cavill turns in to 40


LONDON: Henry Cavill, who is the heartthrob of millions of people in the world, has turned 40 today.

The Hollywood’s heartthrob has a massive fan following around the globe. His fans never miss a chance to watch his work. So, on this auspicious occasion, here’s a list of Henry Cavill’s best movies.

Released in 2015, the movie starred Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, and Elizabeth Debicki.

The movie revolves around Napoleon Solo, Cavill’s character, who is a CIA Agent. Solo is forced to team up with Armie Hammer’s character, who is Illya Kuryakin, A KGB Operative.

Both of them are pushed into a mission together in order to fight another organization trying to get their hands on nuclear weapons. This inevitably makes them set their differences aside and work as a team.

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