flour mills association continues strike


KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Flour Mills Association Aamir Abdullah has claimed that the Sindh government is not providing the required wheat.

Pakistan Flour Mills Association went on strike by closing flour mills in protest over the non-supply of wheat. Today marks the second day of the strike in Karachi. The production of flour in the mills of the city is completely stopped.

Chairman of Pakistan Flour Mills Association Chaudhry Amir Abdullah says that the Sindh government is not providing the required wheat, the Sindh government took an advance of Rs 5 billion but provided only 2 billion in wheat.

He said that flour mills have been closed for an unreported period due to protests, flour production has been stopped at 92 flour mills established in the city and the mills have been closed. It should be noted that due to the closure of the flume mills, there has been a fear of a shortage of flour in the city.

On the other hand, Provincial Food Minister Mukesh Kumarchawla has claimed that the wheat required by the mill owners has been provided uninterruptedly, despite getting subsidized wheat.

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