Relief cargo ship sets sail for quake-hit Türkiye, Syria


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Thursday sent sea vessel packed with humanitarian relief for Türkiye and Syria, the countries ravaged by catastrophic earthquakes in which more than 50,000 people were killed.

The Pakistani cargo ship carrying a batch of 65 containers for the victims of the catastrophe, will arrive in southern Türkiye by March 23-24 and will arrive in Syria afterward.

In a statement, Foreign Office said a civilian cargo ship from a South Asian nation carrying 65 containers of aid departed from the port city of Karachi as Islamabad remained among countries that remained at the front line in search and rescue operations to send rescue personnel.

Relief goods weighing over 1000 tons carry tents for Turkiye and 15,000 ration bags. MoFA officials said the country’s top agency on natural disasters is supervising relief operations and in this regard, special chartered cargo flights operation will also commence soon.

Several planes from Pakistan earlier reached Turkey with relief goods and a rescue team, with tents, blankets, and other relief goods. Islamabad makes every possible effort to bring stranded Pakistani students back home with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pakistan Embassy in Turkiye.

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