DAR says talks with IMF about to conclude, staff-level pact likely in two days


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan is inching closer to reviving a bailout from the International Monetary Fund, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced, saying he and his team were absolutely committed to sealing deal with US-based lender.

Sharing his views at a seminar organized by the Finance Ministry in the federal capital, the finance czar pledged to follow the agreements with the global. He flagged the ongoing economic crisis as one of the many challenges faced by South Asian countries, which according to him was caused by the policies of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government.Our government is doing its best to fix these issues and that progress will soon be visible, Dar added.

He called it a race against time to implement measures to salvage the deal with the IMF as reserves for essential imports plunged in recent times, while elections are due in coming months.

Drawing a comparison of the policies of the previous and incumbent governments, the PML-N leader said his team decided to discharge all the sovereign commitments that the previous government had made.

He slammed Imran Khan-led government for deviating from the IMF program, denting the confidence of development institutions, and losing foreign investment due to erroneous policies.

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