Record wheat procured in history of Punjab: Hasnain Bahadur


Unfortunately, some people sitting in important positions in the federal government are distorting the facts and making ridiculous and irresponsible statements. It is being alleged by the Federal that the Punjab Government provided 22,000 bags instead of 38,000 bags to the people of Islamabad, whereas the fact is that the Punjab Government ensures the supply of wheat while the federal was responsible to deliver it to locals. These views was expressed by Provincial Minister of Food and Energy Hasnain Bahadur Dreeshak while addressing an important press conference at head quarters of DGPR on Friday. Hasnain Bahadur Dreeshak said that the federal government alleged that the wheat procurement targets were not completed while in Punjab this year there was an additional production of one million metric ton, which is a record in the history of Punjab. For the first time in history, a prime minister wrote a letter to his son Hamza saying, “Release the kanak.” On the other hand, Federal Minister Cheema wants to hide his incompetence with the help of irresponsible statements, and on the other hand, Khawaja Asif says that close the markets at 8:30 p.m. otherwise the population will increase. In Punjab, we don’t want kill the small shopkeepers economically. In response to a question, the provincial minister said that Cheema Sahib says that the border is too long and cannot stop smuggling, my appeal was to seal or secure the border. Hasnain Bahadur said that he recently he visited Karachi and saw the mountains of soybeans, which is a proof of the incompetence of the federal government because stopping the delivery of soybeans will cause a dramatic increase in the prices of chicken and milk. In response to another question, he said that there is no shortage of wheat in Punjab, in fact there is stock available till April. The Food Department was fulfilling its responsibilities with its limited resources and so far 775 FIRs, 36 million fine and action taken against 236 Mills so far. At present, the government of Punjab s ensuring the implementation of the rate of 2300 while found any violation, there will be action.

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