PTI worker not expire due to police torture: Caretaker CMPb


Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has said that PTI worker did not expire due to police torture after PTI workers clashed with Police force outside Zaman Park recently.

He was addressing a news conference in Lahore a short while ago, along IG Punjab Police Usman Anwar.

The Chief Minister said that the death of any citizen is not a routine matter for any government. He said that every offer was given to decead’s father by PTI leadership, to make him stand against the Police and Caretaker Government. He said that PTI leader Yasmeen Rashid called the deceased’ father to Zaman Park and addressed a baseless news conference.

The Chief Minister said that all evidence based on reality will be presented to the deceased’ father by IG Punjab himself.The Caretaker Chief Minister said that bas

eless allegations are being levelled against him since he became on this post, however now allegation of murder of PTI worker Ali Bilal has also been added to that.He said that PTI leadership was asked to reschedule its rally as strict security measures were in place for Aurat March on that day. He said that elections will be held on 30th of next month whereas a political party is trying to ruin the peaceful atmosphere. He said that social media is being used to abuse him and his family besides high up police officials. He said that fake audio and videos were circulated.

Speaking on the occasion, IG Punjab Police Umsan Anwar said that the PTI worker died in a road accident, rather than in police custody. He said that the vehicle which hit the PTI worker and killed belonged to PTI local leader Raja Shakeel and the same vehicle dropped the dead body at the hospital. He said that with the help of 31 CCTV cameras, the vehicle and the concerned persons involved have been taken into custody and will be presented before the court on Monday. He assured to provide justice to the father of the deceased’ PTI worker.

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