Political Assistant HR Robinson Aziz Francis wishes Happy New Year


Political Assistant for Human Rights & Minority Affairs Punjab, Robinson Aziz Francis congratulated Happy New year to entire nation. He prayed that the new year will be a year of happiness for all Pakistanis and bring spring of happiness in everyone’s lives. Robinson Aziz said that at the beginning of the year 2022, an epidemic like the Corona virus had made the whole world sad, hopefully this year may Allah protect us all from deadly diseases. He emphasized that we all have to play our best role in ensuring the protection of the rights of every member of the society living around us. Robinson Aziz said that for the protection of human rights, it is necessary for all of us not to adopt such a rude behavior that causes pain to others, but to feel the sufferings of others, because happiness increases by sharing, while sorrow decreases by sharing. He requested the public, especially the youth, not to violate any law in the New Year celebration perhaps prove themselves as good and responsible citizens by fully cooperating with the law enforcement agencies.

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