PITB HR Wing organises Medical Camp for its employees


In connection with the World Diabetes Day 2023, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Human Resource (HR) Wing organised a Medical Camp in collaboration with the Chughtai Lab at Arfa Software Technology Park (ASTP). The one-day Medical Camp offered a number of tests on discounted rates for employees of PITB, ASTP and their family members.

The tests included Random/Fasting Blood Sugar test, HbA1c – (To Measure Average Blood sugar for past 3 months) and other lab tests. The purpose of this activity was to create awareness among staff about alarming rise in Diabetes cases in Pakistan and facilitate them to get their tests done on discounted prices.

While appreciating the organization of the health camp, PITB Chairman Faisal Yousaf remarked that such camps within the office limits prove to be beneficial in raising awareness among the staff about health while also saving time and money.

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