Over 76k users performed more than 600mn Dengue surveillance & control activities via PITB’s Larvaciding & Fogging/IRS Reporting System


The Larvaciding and Fogging/IRS Reporting System, developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) in 2012 to prevent and control Dengue outbreaks, has registered more than 600 Million Dengue surveillance and control activities submitted by more than 76 thousand users.

The system provides assistance in Dengue larvae surveillance and remediation using technology which has helped the concerned departments in Dengue control. The application has been helping 70 departments in preventing Dengue outbreaks. Moreover, Public and Private healthcare facilities are using Dengue Tracking System to ensure real-time data entry of Dengue patients. So far, the Dengue Tracking System, operational in 2000+ Healthcare facilities, has registered 66,704 Dengue patients.

Furthermore, important indicators of Daily Situation Report have been incorporated in the system in the form of reports and dashboard to further facilitate the users and the departments. The app not only monitors the work of the personnel involved in the anti-Dengue campaign, but also the analysis of the data obtained from it is very important for decision making.In addition to Dengue dashboard, Anti-Dengue App, and GP apps have also been upgraded. Integration with Labs for direct reporting in Dengue Tracking System, automation of Vector Surveillance processes and reporting, enhancement of Daily Situation Report and Heat Maps are also in progress.

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