Online College Admissions System (OCAS) receives over 216,650 applications for Intermediate Admissions in Punjab Public Colleges


A significant influx of more than 216,650 admission applications has been received from students across Punjab for Intermediate admissions in over 750 public colleges through the Online College Admissions System (OCAS), developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for the Higher Education Department (HED).

Among the applications submitted through the OCAS portal, 131,660 belong to female students, while 84,990 have been filed by male students. These applications cover a wide range of programs, including 79,372 for FA, 71,837 for ICS, 42,496 for pre-medical, 9,673 for pre-engineering, and 9,558 for I.Com.

The OCAS serves as a convenient platform for students to apply for admissions to government colleges in Punjab without the need for physical visits to the institutions. It has provided students in remote areas with the opportunity to apply online, saving time and money also ensuring prompt compilation of applications and merit lists.

The OCAS offers students 24/7 access to apply and stay informed about admission updates. Additionally, students can access digital college brochures and track the status of their admission applications through the respective college websites. The system is currently accepting applications for Intermediate programs.

College brochures are available free of charge on the OCAS Portal:

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