lunar eclipse was also observed in Pakistan


Karachi: The first lunar eclipse of this year took place last night. According to the Meteorological Department, the lunar eclipse was observed in Pakistan as well as southern and eastern Europe, most parts of Asia, Australia, Africa, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

The lunar eclipse started at 8:14 PM Pakistan time, peaked at 10:22 PM and ended at 12:32 PM on May 6.

According to experts, this lunar eclipse is penumbral, during a penumbral lunar eclipse, the brightness of the moon dims and the moon is 10% less bright than usual.

A penumbral lunar eclipse is usually difficult to observe. On the occasion of the lunar eclipse, there are rituals performed by the citizens.

Many citizens also practiced superstition. Apart from this, the citizens also kept saying that magic operators are also active on the occasion of lunar eclipse, they believe that magic operations are more effective on such an occasion.

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