Kristin K. Hawkins calls on Baligh ur Rehman


United States Consul General in Lahore Kristin K. Hawkins called on Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman at Governor House in Lahore today.

Issues related to trade, education, and climate change were discussed during the meeting.

Speaking on this occasion, the Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman said that there is dire need of bilateral cooperation in education, trade, agriculture and climate change between Pakistan and the US.

He said that the Punjab government restored the burnt Churches in Jaranwala and handed it over to Christian community in better condition and provided financial assistance to Christian community.

He said that there is no room for such an incident in society.

He informed that as Chancellor he formed consortium and climate sector is also included in it.

US Consulate General Kristin K. Hawkins said that US and Pakistan will work together on climate change She said she will perform her due role for extension in bilateral cooperation of both countries.

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