GoPb decides to benefit from the services of religious scholars & khatibs for promoting message of population planning


Punjab government has decided to benefit from the services of religious scholars and khatibs for promoting the message of population planning and highlighting the importance of healthy family by having fewer children. One cleric or preacher will be taken onboard or incentivized in each of the 4400 union councils in 36 districts of Punjab for this purpose.

Punjab Minister for Population Welfare Dr. Jamal Nasir revealed this while chairing a meeting of Punjab Population Innovation Fund, here, Thursday.

Dr. Jamal Nasir visited the office of Punjab Population Innovation Fund yesterday. Director General Population Welfare and CEO of the Fund Saman Rai gave a briefing about the performance of the department. Additional Secretary Technical Dr. Naila, General Managers Amina Akhshid, Muhammad Qayyum and officers concerned were also present on this occasion.

The minister further told that a round the clock telephone helpline with number 1793 has been established for providing guidance and assistance on family planning issues to the callers.

The minister observed that putting the responsibility of population control entirely on women was not justifiable. Changing male dominant mindset was a prerequisite for this purpose.Keeping a family small was possible only with the consent of both husband and wife.There was a need to hire male social mobilizers to spread the message of family planning, he added.

Dr. Jamal Nasir said that discussing the topic of family planning and working in this regard was a difficult task in our society.

He said that 60 percent population of Pakistan consists of youth, it is important to convey the message of family planning to the youth for effective population control.

He underlined the need to be provide essential information about family planning to the youth before and immediately after marriage.

He told that two draft legislations have been prepared for premarital counseling of the youth about family planning.

Dr. Jamal Nasir directed that digital media should be used to spread the message of family planning effectively.

He said that the services of the private sector were being hired to provide family welfare services.

The minister informed that biometric attendance system of the staff has been implemented in the welfare population offices at the district level.

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