Filed request for exemption from Imran Khan’s attendance today


Islamabad: Imran Khan has taken a stand in the request for exemption from attendance in Islamabad’s F8 court today that he is not afraid of appearances.

According to the sources, Barrister Gohar Ali filed a request for exemption from attendance on behalf of Imran Khan, in which the position was taken that there are serious security threats in the F8 courtroom.

A few days ago, there was a shooting incident in Kachheri.

Imran Khan has appeared in other courts in the last few days, he is appearing in almost all the courts.

They should not be afraid of appearing in the courts, they want the security arrangements to be satisfactory for the appearance of Imran Khan.

There are serious threats to Imran Khan’s life.

The petition further stated that the cases are scheduled for June 8 in Islamabad High Court and ATC.

Will go to the new court building where the security conditions are much better.

We want all the courts to fix the same day for appearances.

Imran Khan respects every court.

In the application, the hearing has been requested to be adjourned till June 8.

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