Due to government policies, oil will come to Pakistan from Russia, Mossadegh Malik


Karachi: Minister of State Mossadegh Malik has said that cheap crude oil is coming from Russia, due to the current government policies, cheap oil will come to Pakistan from Russia.

There is no pressure to buy oil from Russia, America says it has no objection to buying Russian oil.

According to the sources, a ceremony was held on the arrival of the Russian private shipping company’s ship at Karachi port.

Speaking at the event, Minister of State Mossadegh Malik said that Pakistan is the gateway to Russia and Central Asia.

Will contract to buy 2 petrol ships from Gulf state.

The world wants to see Pakistan ahead in trade.

People will benefit from low price Russian oil.

They want to buy gas from Iran but do not want to ban Pakistan.

Imran Khan made every issue political.

He said that there is an effort to increase friendship with Central Asian countries.

Pakistan is going to increase trade with Central Asian countries. The investment in the $10 billion refinery will be announced soon.

Half of the fruits are wasted due to lack of easy access to markets, we have to create science and technology one corridor.

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