Elections should be held on the same day: ANP, APC demand


ISLAMABAD: The All Parties Conference organized by Awami National Party has demanded that the elections be held on the same day, all political parties should determine the date of elections through mutual negotiations, the place of political decisions is political parties and parliament, if politics will end. So constitutional and parliamentary supremacy will be threatened, parliamentary supremacy should be ensured in every case.

In the joint declaration issued after the all-party conference organized by the Awami National Party, it was said that whenever the elections are held, they should be held on the same day, all political parties should determine the date of the elections through mutual negotiations, fair elections in the entire country. It should be made possible to hold the census. It was said in the announcement that if political decisions are taken to the courts, a judicial crisis will arise.

According to the declaration, reservations regarding the recent census in the entire country, especially in the new districts of Pakhtunkhwa, Quetta and other Pashtun areas of Balochistan and Karachi and other urban areas of Sindh should be removed, and a fair census should be made possible.

In the declaration, it was said that why the National Action Plan which was made in relation to terrorism was not implemented? Action should be taken according to the law against those responsible for anti-people operations, we demand that targeted and effective action be taken against terrorists, in addition to this, the declaration demanded that a new economic charter should be created, the original spirit of the 18th constitutional amendment. To be executed accordingly.

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