Negotiations failed: Flour mills went on strike,fear of flour crisis


Karachi: The negotiations between the Sindh government and Flour Mills Association have failed initially, there is fear of flour crisis in Karachi once again.

The Flour Mills Association has decided to close all the flour mills in Karachi for an indefinite period. The Flour Mills Association has accused the Sindh Food Department of taking extortion from wheat trucks coming to Karachi and said that the Sindh Food Department has 13 Check posts have been set up at the points, the check posts have broken the previous records of extortion, at these check posts, a truck is allowed to bring wheat to Karachi by charging one lakh rupees as extortion.

If the demands to abolish the check post are not accepted, they will be forced to strike for an indefinite period. The Sindh government has gone to the extreme of blackmailing Karachi to bring wheat.

Flour Mills Association says that the Sindh government has given lollipops in the name of negotiations, they have been asking the Chief Minister for two months for a meeting, the Sindh Chief Minister is not ready to give time.

Flour will become scarce in Karachi from Thursday, flour millers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab are also going on strike from Friday and Monday, the responsibility of which rests with the government.

In the second city of Quaid, there was a fear of flour crisis once again. The Flower Mills Association once again threatened to stop the supply of flour and accused the Sindh government of cheating. The chairman said that 4 crore wheat sacks were stocked in Sindh have been done, the wheat coming from Sindh should be allowed to come to Karachi unhindered.

He said that the shopkeepers and traders who sell expensive flour in the city are responsible, the flour mills did not increase the price of flour despite the wheat crisis in Karachi, the flour mills are also selling flour at 128 rupees per kg.

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