decision to arrest Farah Gogi by Interpol and bring Pakistan


Lahore: Great progress has been made in the money laundering investigation against Farah Gogi. According to FIA sources, it has been decided to arrest Farah Gogi through Interpol and bring Pakistan.

FIA has contacted Interpol to issue a red warrant for Farah Gogi, requested Interpol to issue a red warrant against Farah Gogi.

After the red warrant is issued, the arrest will be carried out by Interpol. According to the sources, the court has already declared Farah Gogi as an ad in the money laundering case.

Farah Gogi has already fled the country to avoid the ongoing investigation against her, according to sources, FIA has obtained irrefutable evidence of money laundering against Farah Gogi.

Farah Gogi earned billions of rupees through corruption, bribery and illegal political influence and pressure and then made assets through money laundering.

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