Crackdown would be launched against Haram products: Ibrahim Hassan Murad


Provincial Livestock Minister Ibrahim Hassan Murad said that a workshop should be held for food inspectors and they should be trained on how to crack down on Haram products in the market and how to increase the use of Halal products. These views were expressed by the provincial minister while presiding over an important meeting in his camp office on Friday. DG Food Authority Asim Javed and Livestock officials participated in the meeting.

The performance of Punjab Halal Development Agency ( PHDA ) was reviewed in the meeting. The provincial minister directed that a seminar should be organized for the awareness of Halal items and all the stakeholders should be invited to the seminar because it is very important to inform the public which items are Haram. Public awareness should be spread through print, electronic and social media and food inspectors should be bound to start strict checking while no negligence will be tolerated in this regard. Provincial Livestock Minister said that the public should be informed that it is mandatory to see the Halal stamp on daily items and prevent of haram items in the case of candies etc.

People should be told that there can be a fine of one to ten million, both fine and imprisonment. Ibrahim Hassan Murad clarified thatthere will be no compromise on halal products and efforts should be made to write on the items in Urdu so that the common man can read easily while It should be mandatory for every product. The Provincial Livestock Minister further said that producers and manufacturers must be bound about halal products while full emphasis must be placed on spreading awareness among the public.

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