Alhamra to start Ambassador of Alhamra programme for youth


A meeting was held in Lahore today with Chairman Alhamra Qasim Ali Shah in chair.

During the meeting, important decisions were taken to speed up the process of cultural development.

It was decided that a program would start in which the Youth would be involved to speed up the cultural development under the “Ambassador of Alhamra” program.

Chairman Alhamra Qasim Ali Shah said that millions of young people will get opportunity to learn about Alhamra’s history, services, performance, and mission. He said noted that Alhamra is a cradle of civilization and culture, Alhamra is no less than a gift for Lahore.Qasim Ali Shah said that challenges are everywhere, and every challenge can be faced with persistence and a positive attitude.

A committee has been formed to implement this program which will play an important role in finalizing the theme “Janu Alhamra Ko,” in which two weekly sessions will be held every Thursday and Friday under the “Ambassador of Alhamra” program.

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