KARACHI: Sohail Nisar, Senior Vice Chairman, Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association (PYMA), expressing deep concern over the ongoing political conflict in the country, said that due to political instability, Pakistan’s image is being badly affected in the world. In particular, foreign businessmen are losing confidence in Pakistani businessmen, while trade and industrial activities in the country are also being adversely affected.

Therefore, in the best interest of the country, the political leaders should forget all the differences and come together to solve the problems so that the country can be rescued from serious economic crises.

PYMA leader appealed to all the political parties and their leaders to think for the betterment of the country instead of fulfilling personal desires and to do things that benefit the country as the ongoing political conflict in the country has badly affected the confidence of the businessmen and industrialists.

“The business community has been forced to think whether they should continue their business in the face of these unfavorable conditions and economic crises. He further said that the survival of all of us is subject to the survival of the country, when the country develops, prosperity will come. If economic crises intensify, all the doors of return will be closed.”

Sohail Nisar, by paying tribute to the Pakistan Army, said that we are proud of our forces and we will never allow any attack on the sanctity of our forces. It is our forces; thanks to whose sacrifices we make Sleep peacefully.

Sohail requested all the political parties and their leaders to avoid any action for the sake of power which would harm the country and the people. It is the desire of the business and industrial community that businesses and industries continue to run so that the country develops and the people prosper.

However, this is possible only when we all think for the country by showing unity and take such steps in consultation with each other which will create political stability and stabilize the economy.

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