Umrah pilgrims can travel from any airport in Saudi Arabia


RIYADH – The government of Saudi Arabia has allowed Umrah pilgrims to arrive and depart through any airport in the country.

In a circular issued by General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), all national and foreign airlines have been instructed to allow Umrah passengers to arrive and depart on schedule flights through any international airport in the kingdom.the airlines have been warned to ensure compliance with the orders of the government or else, be ready to face consequences.

“Failure to comply with circulars issued by GACA is an explicit violation of Government’s orders. Legal procedures shall be initiated against violators who will be held responsible,” the authority warned.

Prior to the circular, Umrah pilgrims used to travel through Jeddah and Medina airport only; however, the new regulation gives more freedom of choice to the pilgrims.saudi Arabia hosts two of Islam’s holiest sites and welcomes millions of believers every year for Hajj and Umrah. This year, the kingdom has announced to welcome 2.3 million pilgrims for Hajj as the Covid restrictions have finally been lifted.

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