Kuwait-work permit can transfer to private sector


SALMIYA – The authorities in Kuwait have now revised visa rules for expats aged over 60 years to transfer their residency to the private sector.

The employment regulator of the country, Public Manpower Authority (PAM) has decided to revise visa rules for expats aged over 60 years old. There are some conditions for the process including payment of an additional annual fee of KD (Kuwaiti Dinar) 250.The change effectively means that that foreign residents over 60 years of age will be allowed to live in Kuwait by working in the private sector and will facilitate those who had been part of the government, state-owned departments, dependents of a resident, or investors or partners in commercial or industrial sectors.

Besides, those with self-sponsored residency can also avail the opportunity as part of fresh changes. The authority has clarified that the workers must be insured with an irrevocable comprehensive health insurance policy issued by one of the companies qualified and approved to issue the insurance policy by the Insurance Regulatory Unit. Earlier, there was a blanket ban on residency renewal in Kuwait but the authorities have now liberalized their approach.

Like all other countries, Kuwait is also in the process to attract more foreign talent and as part of this, it is mulling long-term residency visas for foreign residents and investors for up to 15 years.The country welcomes hundreds of workers every year from across the globe including Pakistan who travel to the country due to multiple reasons including the currency conversion rate. As of March this year, One Kuwaiti Dinar equals Rs 909 Pakistani rupees.Kuwait is a country of the Arabian Peninsula located in the northwestern corner of the Persian Gulf with a total area of 17,820 km² and a total coastline of 499 km. The country boasts a population slightly over 4.2 million.

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