Iran-punish women violating dress code


Following the suspicious death of Mahsa Amini under the Iranian authorities for allegedly violating the hijab code in accordance with government standards, the people of Iran are revolting. With government and civilians at war, the establishment is imposing more rules on women to tame the unruly crowd. Since the protests started, women are seen on the streets without their mandatory headscarves.

In light of recent regression, Iran’s Judiciary Chief Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said that women violating the Islamic dress code will be punished. The judiciary ordered police to “firmly punish” people who do not abide by the law.According to media outlets, the prosecutor general issued a directive in which “police were ordered to firmly punish any hijab violations.”

“Courts must sentence the violators, as well as fine them, to additional penalties such as exile, bans on practicing certain professions and closing workplaces,” the directive stated.

Apart from the official ultimatum given by the judiciary, authorities also closed several cafes and restaurants for serving bare-headed women, hinting at their least tolerant approach. Police also warned women to wear headscarves even in cars. So far, Iran has executed four people over the protests sparked by Amini’s death, while 13 people have been sentenced to death, and six have been granted retrials.

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