Etreme cold-Girl died at school due to Cardiac Arrest


India: A 16-year-old girl died of cardiac arrest at a school amid the cold weather conditions in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, officials said on Friday.
Vrinda Tripathi, a Class 11 student, fell unconscious and died at her school in Usha Nagar area on Wednesday, the deceased girl’s uncle Raghvendra Tripathi told PTI.
The girl had gone to school to rehearse for a Republic Day event the next day, when she collapsed, he said.
Vrinda was rushed to a hospital, where doctors tried to revive her with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other means but to no avail, he said.
According to doctors, the girl had died before being brought to the hospital.
“Vrinda was absolutely fine before the heart failure. Doctors have said that she possibly died of cold,” Tripathi said.
An autopsy was conducted on the girl at the district hospital, which revealed that she had suffered a bruise on her chin, possibly due to the fall, and she had died of cardiac arrest, an official said.
The girl had worn a thin track suit at the time of her death and snack particles were found in her stomach, he added.
Following the death, the girl’s grieving family has donated her eyes, said Jeetu Bagani, a volunteer of Muskan Group, which is associated with Indore Society for Organ Donation.

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