China reports around 13,000 new Covid deaths in a week in new tragic outbreak


BEIJING – Millions of Chinese citizens contracted Covid virus as state-run medical facilities were overcrowded, as the most populous country reported almost 13,000 new deaths between January 13 and 19.Reports in international media suggest that Beijing reported nearly 60,000 deaths in nearly a month as the latest wave of viral infections peaked.Paramedics are working vigorously despite being infected amid Beijing’s worst-ever Covid outbreak, which comes as authorities eased all curbs especially mass testing.Following the new policies, the country that previously holds control of the deadly virus, saw a sharp spike in fresh cases. Official data shared by Chinese authorities reported about 60,000 deaths in hospitals between December 8 and January 12, a sharp hike from the deaths reported previously under stern measures.
Amid the horrifying reports, experts claimed that the casualties number may cross one million this year.

The spread of the contagious disease also sounds alarm for people living in countryside areas as masses return home for Lunar New Year celebrations.

The sharp increase in new covid cases and deaths was also linked with Lunar New Year celebrations, with officials claiming that about 90 percent of the population of several regions contracted the deadly virus.

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