Australia tells Modi it cannot stop Khalistan Referendum voting 


BRISBANE – Tensions have risen between India and Australia after Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that his govt cannot stop the legal right to expression of pro-Khalistan Sikhs in Australia after the Modi govt demanded a ban on Khalistan Referendum taking place on 19th March at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Tensions continue ahead of Khalistan Referendum voting on 19th March as dozens of pro-Khalistan Sikhs rounded up and forced the closure of India’s honorary consulate in Brisbane and the Australian government issued an updated travel advisory advising its citizens against travelling to India due to a “high risk of violence” in certain states, including Punjab.Few days before the March 19 voting organized by pro-Khalistan secessionist group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), the Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had raised with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese the recent alleged incidents of attacks on temples in Australia as well as pro-Khalistani activities in that country. It’s understood that the Indian PM Modi raised the issue with the Australian govt after over 50000 Sikhs turned up to vote for Khalistan Referendum in Melbourne for the first phase of Referendum at the end of January this year. Clashes broke out on streets between Sikhs and Hindu groups outside the voting centre and several arrests were made. 

The Australian PM has responded there is nothing he can do to stop legal activity in Australia as all local laws are being followed.Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) has said that Sikhs have come under attack from hardline Hindutva supporters in Australia and they were captured on videos defacing Khalistan Banners hanged at the Sikh temples.

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