Apple Revealed important fix- Millions of iphone owners should check out Device


APPLE has patched up a string of security flaws in its latest iPhone update.

The tech giant introduced its new iOS 16.3.1 software just last week, but iPhone and tech experts alike quickly found there to be a handful of hang-ups.

To download the latest software on your phone, go to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the instructions

And it turns out there was more security holes than Apple first thought.a report covering each vulnerability – which have all now been resolved – revealed there were more flaws than originally found by experts outside of flaw that was spotted by experts at Phone Arena allowed a hacker to execute commands on the targeted device via the device’s Safari said it was aware of one case where this vulnerability had been exploited, meaning a victim’s iPhone had been taken over by an attacker.another security gap let an attacker control the iPhone or iPad in a bid to process a “maliciously crafted certificate”, according to Apple.this would lead to a denial-of-service attack, which are characterised by making the device unavailable to its intended users by disrupting network services.

These cyber attacks flood a network with fake traffic to force it to crash, and lock out the intended user.there were three other vulnerabilities that iPhone users were exposed to in the update, which have now been fixed.

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