Over 150 register for Cholistan Desert Rally


BAHAWALPUR, More than 150 racers have registered themselves for the 18th International Cholistan Desert Rally.

The process of registration and technical examination of vehicles was done in Cholistan. Medical check-up of drivers will also be done before the Drivers’ conference.

According to the programme schedule, the qualifying round of prepared and stock category vehicles will be held in Cholistan on February 9.

On February 10, the race for the first round of prepared category vehicles on the 225 km track from Kudloosh-Dahar will officially begin. On February 11, the stock category race will be held on the 235 km lengthy track.

On February 12, the final round of the prepared category race comprising 235 kilometers lengthy track will be held.

International dirt bike and truck races will also be organized on the occasion of the Cholistan Desert Rally. The prize distribution ceremony will be held on February 12.

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