Ushna back on Instagram with new wedding pictures


Lollywood actress Ushna Shah has reactivated her Instagram account with a comeback, rocking the internet again.

The 33-year-old actress had been in the news after her intimate wedding with professional golfer, Hamza Amin, which made quite a buzz for a number of reasons.Following the public scrutiny over her wedding dress that many assumed mimicked an Indian bride and the event’s privacy breached by uninvited plus ones, the Habs actress had an emotional breakdown where she even gave a second thought about being able to cope with such limelight.In response, the Thoda Sa Aasman actress posted a bunch of Instagram stories where she lamented how people have lost the sense of basic etiquettes and lambasted everyone who bullied her behind their phone’s screen not understanding the extent of damage coming from their words. Consequently, the Bashar Momin star deactivated her Instagram account and took some time off to focus on the new chapter of her life.

Many of her fans were disgruntled and called out those who upset the Ru Baru Ishq Tha star for giving her a hard time when she was supposed to be on cloud nine. In light of the love and positive response coming from social media users, Shah returned to surprise everyone.The Parizaad star made a comeback with a carousel of heartwarming moments from her big — that she consented to share. Shah posted videos and pictures of her extravagant Nikkah with pictures of many of her industry peers and close-knit family and friends having the best time of their life.

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