Srha Asghar all praise for Feroze Khan’s appearance in upcoming drama ‘Akhara’


Feroze Khan, the illustrious Pakistani actor, is on the brink of a highly-anticipated return to the small screen, following a period of controversy surrounding his personal life. His divorce and the allegations of domestic abuse catapulted him into the spotlight, resulting in fervent calls from both the public and industry figures to ban his work.

The anticipation surrounding his comeback has reached a crescendo, with his loyal fans eagerly awaiting his return. Armed with his extraordinary talent and charismatic aura, he is currently immersed in the production of two highly awaited dramas, “Akhara” and “Khumar.”

In a recent development, Srha Asghar, an actress who is set to share the screen with the Khaani star in the upcoming drama “Akhara,” shed light on the experience. She praised Khan for his unwavering dedication to his craft, emphasizing the positive working dynamic they shared. Notably, she also commended the brilliant direction of Anjum Shehzad, adding another layer of excitement for the drama’s release.

“Akhara” is set to be broadcast on Green Entertainment and revolves around the theme of wrestling (Kushti / Dangal). The ensemble cast includes Srha Asghar, Faraz Farooqi, Hina Afridi, Sonya Hussyn, and Nida Mumtaz.

On the work front, Khan was last seen in Ishqiya, Habs, and Tich Button

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