Salman Khan refuses to ‘spy on Pakistan’


Salman Khan has reportedly declined to work in the biopic ‘Black Tiger’, based on the life of Ravindra Kaushik, a spy of Indian intelligence agency RAW.

The Dabangg star is presently associated with the successful spy series named Tiger, which is predicted to expand in the future. It has been reported that Khan opted out of another spy movie as he didn’t want to invite comparisons between the two distinct characters.

Director Rajkumar Gupta originally held the rights to make the film. However, after verifying Salman’s participation in the project and failing to renew the rights, they lapsed and were subsequently obtained by Anurag Basu.

The film is now set to be produced by Anurag Basu, who also has The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor in mind as a potential collaborator.

It’s worth noting that the renowned Indian spy Ravindra Kaushik was also referred to as Tiger, adding further resemblance. Thus, following several deliberations with his team, the Bollywood Hungama report disclosed that Khan ultimately decided to abandon the project.

Basu’s take on Kaushik in Black Tiger differs greatly from the Tiger film series. Nevertheless, he remains uncertain about the casting of the character, and it is rumoured that he may consider a younger actor for the role.

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