Natasha graces New York Times Square


Pakistan’s talented music artist Natasha Humera Ejaz just became the second Spotify EQUAL ambassador from the country.

Following in the footsteps of her peers who had previously been named to the coveted list, Ejaz lit up EQUAL’s digital billboard at Times Square in New York City. The Soye Nahi singer’s popular song Khud Se Batein will be featured on Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan playlist as part of the celebrations.For starters, EQUAL Pakistan is a platform of the streaming giant, Spotify, that celebrates and highlights some of the most talented female artists from Pakistan. The platform propelled some of the most incredible local artists into international stardom.The Kyun Nahi crooner began her career at the age of seven. However, her debut single Today Is a Place came out in 2010 and put her among the young and talented stars of the music industry.Ejaz also shared the exciting news on Instagram with her fans.

Sharing her excitement at the achievement, Ejaz said, “I never realized what it feels like to have my voice amplified on the global stage until EQUAL Ambassador of the Month actually happened.”

“I do what I do because I can’t think of another way of living, and to have the opportunity to share what I’m passionate about with the world and simultaneously turn up the volume on all girls is a huge privilege,” the Fall singer added.

On the professional front, Ejaz has a number of singles including Right Way to Fall, God In Me, Khud Se Batein, Monologue, And Then He Said, Lullaby, Here to Stay, Outhouse Theme and Carmen.

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