Holi-themed birthday party of Shaan Shahid’s niece Natalia


KARACHI – Shaan Shahid’s niece, Natalia continues to make headlines, and now her unusual birthday bash is drawing online flak.

After flaunting flamboyance in wedding dance clips, Natalia grabbed eyeballs with a Holi-themed birthday bash. Several models including Shaan’s elder daughter, Bahisht Shaan Shahid, attended what is said to be the most fashionable birthday parties around.

The girl’s gang dropped a series of pictures and clips from the fun-filled party. Some played with water-filled balloons and had a gala time at the birthday bash. During the unique celebration, Natalia and other participants chase each other and throw handfuls of bright pigments, squirting colorful paint on each other.Besides throwing colors, the birthday girl and friends also danced on the hit tracks to celebrate the special day.

Their idea of celebrating the big day in an unconventional way, however, did not sit well with social media users and keyboard warriors bombarded the posts with derogatory comments, linking the celebration with Holi – a Hindu festival celebrated for centuries to welcome in spring.

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